Centralized Parking in NYC’s Upper West Side

Upper West Side Parking offers a safe, convenient and centralized place to park your car during your trip to New York City’s Upper West Side. Whether you’re one of the thousands of daily commuters who earn their living in the area, are a resident looking for a place to park their primary or secondary vehicle or you’re just visiting the city for the day to experience the neighborhood’s many cultural attractions, we’re here to give you the peace of mind and security of knowing your car is safe and looked after. Contact one of our attendants today at (212) 222-8846 for our rates.

Benefits of Parking Your Car in A Garage

Whenever anyone comes to the Upper West Side, or any other neighborhood in New York City, there is invariably a choice and preparation to be made regarding how they’re going to get there. Many opt to take public transportation because they don’t want to deal with the hassle of parking. The reality is, however, you don’t have to be without your car to have convenient and fun trip to the city. Some of the primary advantages of parking your car in a garage include:

  • Safety from Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Avoiding a Costly Parking Ticket
  • Protection from Dings and Scratches
  • Less likely to have theft or vandalism
  • Potentially Lower insurance costs
  • Keeps Vehicles Exterior Looking Great
  • Engine Stays Lubricated
  • Coolant Stays Warmer, Heat/AC Comes on Faster
  • Protection from Vandalism

We understand the hassle the residents and visitors alike often experience when they try to park their car in the city and we’re here to make the process as easy possible.

Ask About Our Special Rates and Discounts

One of the primary issues people have with parking garages in the Upper West Side and throughout New York City is price. People often experience sticker shock when they pull into the lot. Upper West Side Parking offers regular discounted rates for commuters and daily peak rates for visitors. We also conduct a thoroughly rigorous hiring process and stringently screen all of our applicants before we provide a comprehensive training process. Our attendants are trained to be professional, prompt and courteous, and extremely careful with your car. We understand that you’re placing great trust in us with the protection of your vehicle, and we’re ready to provide the fullest assurance and peace of mind.

Upper West Side Parking treats all of our customers with the utmost respect and courtesy, whether they’re daily commuters or one-time visitors. Contact our experienced and qualified attendants today at (212) 222-8846 for any questions about services or prices, or anything else on which you need clarification.  We also offer specialized parking for events, photoshoots and video shoots.

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